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I help coaches, consultants, advisers and agency owners scale profitable lifestyle businesses that create them more profit, more free time and more personal wealth


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Which of these 3 deadly problems is sucking the life blood out of your business right now?

  1. You’re working yourself into an early grave, spinning the wheels and you’re not sure what to do next. You’re working hard, you’re doing everything in your power to deliver value to your clients… but you can’t seem to escape the vicious cycle of having all roads lead back to you.
  2. Your business is a cash eating monster. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to draw the income you truly desire without feeling like you are starving your business of the lifeblood it needs to survive. You know you should earn more for how hard you work but you’re not sure how to make it happen.
  3. You dream of being able to create a true lifestyle business. A business that provides you with more profit, more free time and the ability to start creating more personal wealth. You would love to have a business that allows you to work 4 days a week, 44 weeks a year and earn $400k+ in personal income… All of this seems nothing more than a distant fantasy right now.

Trust me, I used to be in fantasy land too…

For years I was spinning my wheels, struggling to find a way to break out of trading time for money for less income than I earned when I was working for a big bank.

I had debt up to my eyeballs… Some from stupid decisions, most from having to carry the burden of paying the mortgage on the family home when my old man was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer.

I quickly realized that its under pressure when carbon turns to diamonds, I got lucky and I discovered a new way to scale true lifestyle businesses.

My first successful business was a multi-7 figure advisory firm that won numerous national awards. All while working 4 days a week and 44 weeks a year. It took me three years to build… all without expensive marketing consultants, fancy landing pages, building sales teams or any of that other sexy stuff you hear about.

I decided to sell that business and start again. I wanted to create something completely from scratch. Something that was specifically designed to help business owners build better businesses and achieve financial freedom.

From the spare bedroom in my business partner’s in-laws house, we built a team of 20, scaled the business to multi 7 figures in 2.5 years and have been able to buy our own commercial premises.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I used to be just like you…

After designing and successfully deploying what we call ‘The Lifestyle Business Blueprint’ in two of our own businesses and for hundreds of clients, we want to help you achieve the same.

But there’s some bad news…

You will never escape your current situation unless you make a commitment to change. It isn’t just going to sort itself out and you need to find a new way.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Harsh but true.

Here’s the good news.

If you’re ready and willing to change your ways, shift your mindset and get help, we can help you remove your cash-flow bottlenecks, maximize your profits and turn those business profits into personal wealth.

The bottom line is, you need a Yoda.

Someone who has walked the path before you, has learned what works, what doesn’t and is able to guide you the easy way to create the life and business you really want.

When you’re ready, get in touch.

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Want to get a free copy of my best selling book + a case study

Check out our most recent case study member who signed 6 clients in week 2, an extra $12,000 by the end of week three, and freed up 10 hours a week

Join our Facebook Group Now!