Speaking Testimonials

Over the past 10 years Jackson has featured as a speaker at both domestic and international events.
Here’s what some people have said;

Jackson has been amazing from the outset. I had a bad run with 3 previous advisors and I trust Jackson fully . He is reliable , loyal and transparent with his advice .

Sally H

I’ve been impressed with Jackson since we first met him. He’s nurtured our family through from being in debt through to securing two investment properties and starting a business. He’s now helping me ensure my business is successful by providing advice, support and relevant contacts on everything from legal structures and protection, to accounting and bookkeeping, cashflow management, goal setting, pricing strategies, and more. Jackson keeps me accountable and keeps me driving towards my goals. Our next step is to buy a home to live in which I’m sure we will achieve over the next few years with Jackson’s guidance

Kat H

I first met Jackson when we engaged him with our personal finances and he now advises us on both the business and personal side of things. What sets Jackson apart is his proactive attitude (he is not a reactive advisor), as he continually brings ideas or makes introductions which he thinks will add value to achieve your goals. He breaks things down and puts a plan in place to make sure you head in the right direction without being overwhelmed. Highly recommended.

Chris Thomas

I first met Sam and Jackson through a business relationship, and sought out their service for property finance. In my opinion, a familiar face is worth a million dollars and trust in who you are working with is more important than anything else. These two are very diligent, hard working blokes. When working with Sam to acquire my first home, the seamlessness in securing finance was amazing. In fact, it is the best service experience I have had to date in this industry. I have highly recommended my family and friends, as I believe the treatment I received was second to none, and I expect no different for them.

Adam Allcock

Sam was great!! He helped me with refinancing my mortgage and consolidating my debt. I didn’t have to do a thing. All was taken care of and Sam kept me informed all the way along up to settlement day. Highly recommended to anyone. Thanks Sam.

Sue Leeds

The Aureus Financial team consist of a down to earth team starting from the top with Jackson and Sam. Their hands on approach and easy going nature make it simple to understand making key decisions about financial planning. My wife and I have been with the Aureus Financial team from the beginning and they have assisted in consolidating debts, re-structuring our mortgages and planning for our future family goals. We highly recommend Aureus Financial in achieving all your financial goals.

Andrew Trujillo

We have been working with Jackson Millan as our financial advisor for the last two years. I have always found Jackson to be a thoroughly professional and knowledgeable individual, who has been very patient in guiding us through the maze of financial alternatives available. Jackson takes care to understand our personal position and aspirations, and then tailors proposals that will guide us towards these goals. Jackson always operates with openness and integrity, and I would have no hesitation to recommend his services.

Tim B

Thanks to Jackson I have tied up my insurances, created a pretty solid budget tracker and have a much better overview of my spending. He has also been invaluable in the process of finding my very first and hopefully not last investment property supporting me on all the steps along the way. I also love the fact that I get the chance to chat to him once per month to review my spendings against my budget to keep me on track of my savings goals. He further introduced me to Sam, who finalised my home loan with me. I am very glad to have Jackson as my advisor and truly feel I have my finances under control and will be able to comfortably retire one day.

Nina H

We were going nowhere with our finances just getting by week to week and not saving for our future. We got in touch with Aureus Financial to see how we could better our situation and set some realistic goals.

We met with Jackson Millan and through working with him he has helped us achieve some future goals for our super ,our long term goals and targets and our children’s savings plans.

We have been motivated to not only to save but to pay down debt quicker and get our money working for us.

We would be more than happy to recommend Jackson after the work they have done with us getting both Jo and I on track for the future.

G & J Duffy

Jackson is not your typical Financial Manager. Unless your vision includes a mixture of multi patterned suits, shirts and ties. That’s not to say he is all style and no substance. That’s all there too with a wealth of knowledge and a knack for being able to relate complex fiscal arrangements in simple terms. If you like your news delivered by an accountant or a banker in monotonous tones then perhaps you should look elsewhere. If you want sound advice, structured plans and a pleasant journey to a stable financial future then Jackson is the man for the job.

S Lester

Jackson Millan has been looking after not only my personal but also business finances for over 3 years now. He always goes above and beyond and always has my best interest at heart. His extensive knowledge with investments and financial planning is unparalleled and with his guidance and advice he has helped me build my personal wealth and plan for the future.

Andy K

Working with Jackson Millan has been a good experience. He helped us correct some bad advice given to us by another financial advisor. Jackson is very pro active in his dealings with us and goes on the front foot to help you achieve your goals. I recommended my brother go see him and am happy to recommend others to become his clients.

Cam & Jen

Through the session with Jackson I was able to learn how to reach my true life goals through the exercises he facilitated with us. I was also able to link them back to my business so I know how I can start using it as a tool to reach my personal goals.


I loved the idea of connecting business goals to my mindset and being able to use this to reach my fullest potential as a business owner. Jackson was able to help me get clarity around my vision and what I needed to do in order to achieve my goals.

Angela F

I have been working in the health and fitness industry for years but this was the first time I was able to get a complete understanding of the framework I can use to run my business based on the personal goals I want to achieve. It has given me clarity to know what I need to do next.


As a busy business owner in a startup I find it difficult to have enough time to reflect on how I am tracking. I really liked the thought provoking questions Jackson was able to ask which allowed me to understand what was stopping me from achieving my goals and realizing my potential by starting to map out a plan.

Ale M

I attended a workshop facilitated by Jackson and I really enjoyed the way he links the theory to real life examples that I could apply to my own situation. Thanks again, Jackson”

Julie C

Jackson is an inspirational leader and given his relatable story, there were lots of valuable insights I was able to get from his session. I really look forward to future events!

Petra N